* Rankings data shown based on latest ESPN Rankings as of 2018-04-03, Scout Rankings as of 2015-12-26, and Rivals Rankings as of N/A

2018 Player Rankings - Small Forwards

1-Cameron 'Cam' ReddishSG6-72032010104Duke
2-Gerald LiddellSF6-81801040106Texas
3-Jaedon LeDeeC6-92304020309Ohio State
4-Khavon MooreSF6-818530305011Texas Tech
5-Zion WilliamsonSF6-728550904018Duke
6-Jacobi GordonSF6-720550508018California
7-Brendan BaileySF6-820050609020Marquette
8-Louis KingSF6-820450609020Oregon
9-Isaiah MuciusSF6-819050709021Wake Forest
10-Josh LeBlancSF6-721050809022Georgetown

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