Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

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Status Left Early for Pro Career from Kentucky

Year 2011 (N/A)

Position Small Forward

Height 6-7

Weight 210

Hometown Somerdale, NJ

High School St. Patrick High School


Metric Composite Scout Rivals ESPN
Profile Profile Scout Rivals ESPN
Star Rating 5★ 5★ 5★ 5★
Overall Rank 3 0 6 NR 3 NR 4 NR
Position SF SF SF SF
Position Rank 1 0 1 NR 1 NR 1 NR

Rankings Note: Rankings data shown based on latest ESPN Rankings released on 4/7/2012, Scout Rankings released on 1/25/2012, and Rivals Rankings released on 8/29/2011


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Scholarship Offers

School Interest Date Added Visit Senior SF Junior SF Sophomore SF Freshman SF HS SR SF HS JR SF HS SO SF
Early-Exit-Pro 12/15/2011