Arizona State Sun Devils

Conference: PAC 12
Average Stars: 2.639
Official Roster: THESUNDEVILS
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Recent Activity

Basketball Recruiting Scholarship Chart
2015-16 Season

P Seniors
Scholarships: 3
Scholarships: 5
Scholarships: 3
Scholarships: 1
HS 2016
Commits: 2
Spots Left: 2
Open Offers: 17
HS 2017
Commits: 0
Spots Left: 5
Open Offers: 14
HS 2018
Commits: 0
Spots Left: 10
Open Offers: 5
Jahii Carson (RS) (PRO)
Max Heller (RS) (FWO) (TR)
D.J. Henderson (JUCO) (FWO) (TR)
Christian Pino (RS) (FWO) (TR)
Roosevelt Scott (JUCO) (TR)
Torian Graham (JUCO) (RS) (ERS)
Chance Murray (ERS) (TR)
Corban Murphy (FWO) (LT)
Maurice O'Field (JUCO) (RS)
Che Bob (JUCO)
Sai Tummala (JUCO) (RS) (TR)
Pierre Newton (RS) (FWO) (TR)
Savon Goodman (JUCO) (RS)
Dave Whitmore (RS) (FWO) (LT)
Obinna Oleka (JUCO) (RS)
Cameron Gilbert (RS) (FWO) (TR)


Black - Scholarship Player
Burgundy - Red-Shirted Scholarship Player
Red - Current Red-Shirt Scholarship Player
Purple - Non-Scholarship Player
Gray - Player No Longer On Roster
Dark Green - Signed LOI Prospect
Light Green - Verbal Commit Prospect
Navy Blue - High Interest Prospect
Royal Blue - Medium Interest Prospect
Light Blue - Low Interest Prospect

AI - Academically Ineligible
DM - Dismissed From Team
ERS - Expected Red-Shirt For Current Season
FWO - Former Walk-on
IR - Suffered Career Ending Injury
JUCO - Junior College Transfer
LDS - Eligibility Frozen Due To LDS Mission
LOI - Signed LOI
LT - Left Team For Personal Reasons
MHSP - Medical Hardship Pending Review
MHS - Medical Hardship 6th Year of Eligibility
MIL - Eligibility Frozen Due To Military Service
PRO - Early Exit To Play Professionally
RS - Player Previously Red-Shirted a Season
SU - Player Suspended for Season
TR - Transferred To Another School
VC - Verbal Commit