2017 Transfer Lists

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It's that time of year again.

Below are links to our 2017 D1 and D2 transfer lists. Throughout the season, we will update them with the latest transfer news. If we are missing any names please email me at nathan@verbalcommits.com.

2017 D1 Transfer List     2017 D2 Transfer List

Last season's D1 list surpassed the 800 mark. This was the second time it went over 800 names (839 names in 2015) and the first time there was a decrease in transfers since we began compiling transfer data in 2012. Below are transfer lists from previous years:

2016 D1 Transfer List

2016 D2 Transfer List

2015 D1 Transfer List

2014 D1 Transfer List

2013 D1 Transfer List

2012 D1 Transfer List

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